"Without music, life would be a mistake." Friedrich Nietzsche 

Who am I to disagree with Nietzsche? 

Nietzsche also said:“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” (more commonly quoted as "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger") 

He subsequently went terminally insane. 

It is that sort of bitter irony that often informs my lyrics. 

Still it's not all gloom! I do sometimes incorporate humour into my songs, though maybe viewed through a jaded lens. 

Still, Music has been my touchstone through good times and bad, my saviour and friend. 

I am a man of seasoned years. Living has been my education in songwriting. 

I have been writing and performing music for many years. I was classically trained, starting as a 7 year old trudging to Music lessons on a Saturday morning and cheating my half hour a day practice by moving the hands forward on the alarm clock my mother put in the "parlour" to time me. (note- we called it a parlour, today it would be a plain front room.) 

My first professional work was with recording studios, most notably Rockfield. 
I  have also stood in on sessions for radio, including the BBC. Over time, I  have shared the bill with Glastonbury legends Stackridge, Simple Minds, Terrafolk , The Strawbs, Adrian Edmondson, Ricky Warwick of the Almighty and Thin Lizzy and the The Bad Shepherds. I have also played festival slots with Nick Harper, The Storys, Amy Wadge and Cerys Matthews. 

I perform as a solo artist or with a band.  

I try and make my  music particularly noteworthy for it's lyrical content and  choruses. I happily admit to influences from everyone from Dylan to Billy Bragg, passing through the territories of Neil Young, Springsteen, Damien Rice etc.